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  • The chaos Operating System  v.0.0.2chaos is a new operating system - written from scratch by a young group of people. Unlike most other systems, we do not try to reimplement something else, but rather tries to do things in our own (hopefully better) ...
  • Trion Operating System  v.4.1.1The Trion Object Oriented Operating system is an OS that is designed to meet the needs for the 21st century, with a kernel written in C++ and modelled in UML, and lots of features. The project is run by a team of community ...
  • TELOS: Extended Ladder Operating System  v.1.0TELOS: extended ladder operating system provides a PHP/mySQL framework to run your own gaming ladder. It supports various tourney styles (single-elim, swissy), group management (guilds/clans) and includes a statistical section, among other features.
  • A Topsy-turvy Haphazard Operating System  v.1.0A little operating system created in order to discover the basis of the modern operating system in practice.
  • GameOS (Game Operating System)  v.2The Game Operating System is a platform for the complete creation of 2-d role playing games. See the project home page,, for a more complete description.
  • MMOS (Multi-Media-Operating-System)  v.1.0Linux based 64bit multi-media operating system using the Debian Linux Distrubution. The goal of the project is to build an open source OS focused on multi-media uses and building 3d gaming engines ...
  • Fecundity Operating System  v.1.0The Fecundity Project has the purpose of creating a streamlined AMD64 based Operating System. We will hopefully create a stable and secure operating environment, and to investigate orthogonal persistence.
  • CJet eXTreme OS (Operating System)  v.1.0CJet eXTreme OS is a new project to develop a cross platform operating system with a native application interface designed to make it easy to develop for several architectures at once.
  • Falcon - Operating System  v.1.0Falcon is a new operating system which provides a fast kernel (combined with a fast filesystem) as well as an intuitive GUI. The GUI is completely new and the user can configure it as he likes to and as he needs to.
  • Perix Operating System - 16/32 Bits  v.1.0Perix is a free public domain MS-DOS compatible operating system written in Turbo Pascal and Assembly. Multi tasking, parallel data transfer and extended memory support. All parts of system are distributed under terms of the GNU license.
  • KittyOS Linux Based Operating System  v.1.0KittyOS is a small operating system based on Linux. The OS is for USB pendrives and old computers. It uses XFce graphical enviroment.
  • The Hunley Operating System  v.1.0This was a personal research project for me. I never made any later commits, so most of the code is on unreadable floppy disks. I might tinker with the idea of a toy operating system someday.
  • Cryogen Operating System  v.0.0.1Cryogen is an experimental, distributed operating system.
  • Occam Operating System  v.1.0Occam aims to be an extensible, distributed, object-oriented, and secure operating system. It is currently in the planning stages.
  • Nexus Operating System  v.86NexusOS is a operating system based on openSUSE. It's smart and fast for normal use and-occupying. Included is software like Abiword and Gnumeric. There is also a server version. Nexus and Nexus server has both a 64 - and a 32-bit version.
  • Operating System of the Holy Spirit  v.1.0A microkernel operating system distribution offering (among other things) very low hardware requirements, full and easy portability and easy-readable source code.
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